Bazaar Ramadan

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One of the top attraction during Ramadan Month, in Malaysia is Bazaar Ramadan!
Almost in every neighborhood, Bazaar Ramadan is a common sight, be it small or large, in terms of the number of traders.

You can satisfy your hunger and thirst with hard to find and exclusive food cooked only during Ramadan such  as: Murtabak (Stuffed pancake), Roast chicken (or Ayam Percik), Grill chicken, Kebab, Bubur Ayam (Rice soup), Roti John, Popia,  Nasi Briani, cookies, fresh drinks, and as well as other kind of rices or noodless: nasi tomato (tomato rice), nasi ayam (chicken rice), nasi goreng (fried rice), nasi lemak( rice dish cooked in coconut milk and "pandan" leaf ) , nasi kukus...mee goreng ( fried noodles), laksa, laksam and mee curry, to name a few.
Enjoy the gallery of images from Bazaar Ramandan from Malaysia.

chicken wings grillnasi goreng, fried rice, mee goreng, fried noodles
Jelly cookiesPictures Allah`s name, Muhammed`s name. Islam Pictures for salechicken wings ayam honey goreng, chicken wings in honey grill, barbequeCendolSnack fried, shrimp, nuggets, chicken fried, Fresh drinks bandung, kaladi, jagung, honeydew, grapes juice, juice, coconut drink, soya drinkMuslim in Bazaar
Nasi tomato, Nasi ayam, chicken rice, tomato rice
Jelly Cookies

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