Chinese New Year in Malaysia

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Happy Chinese New Year!  Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Before relocating to Malaysia, i thought Malaysia Public Holidays are similar to any Muslim Country, limited to Eid Holidays, Ramadan, Prophet Muhammed`s birthday. But soon after, i learned that Malaysia is a multicultural country despite of Islam being the official religion.

Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is celebrated in Malaysia by the Chinese community.

It is celebrated in the first month of the Chinese Calendar. On the Chinese New Year's Eve, the Chinese families gather all together for the family dinner. First day of the celebration is dedicated to family, with the third day onwards visiting friends.

Living near the Chinese community in Malaysia,  you will notice red color Chinese decoration considered auspicious for the New Year. The red color symbolize good luck and wealth the entire year.

When i heard about Chinese New year i can't help but to think of the sounds of the Red firecrackers going off during the Chinese New Year in Malaysia....the red firecrackers are extremely  noisy and does not go unnoticed.
Happy Chinese New Year!  Gong Xi Fa Chai!


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