Lamb BBQ

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Lamb BBQ is famous in Malaysia and cooked in evening during special gatherings, events, hotel`s buffets.

During Ramadan Month, the Lamb BBQ is almost everywhere.

Some may have others preferences, due to undesirable lamb taste or diet issue.

But a Lamb BBQ is perfectly healthy, less fat...and  the secret is how the lamb is prepared.

Usually grilling,  roasting the meat tend to reduce the meat fat.

In Malaysia the Lamb BBQ  is served with  Brown Sauce, Mint Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Chili Sauce and Green Garden Salad.

For Lamb`s lovers, in Malaysian`s Restaurants you can find Grilled Lamb Chop during the entire year.

Lamb BBQ
Grilled Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce served with mashed potato and salad
 Lamb BBQ
 Grilled Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce
 served with Mashed Potato and  Salad

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