Port Dickson Barbeque

By Malaysia travel book - 06:29

Whenever i am on leave and looking for some family time i always choose Port Dickson.

"Port Dickson" or "PD" is a beach and holiday destination situated in Negeri Sembilan, approximately 90 km  from Kuala Lumpur. 

Be there early in the morning to find a good spot and a large tree to protect us from the afternoon sunlight .

Unpack my things on the beach, the barbeque set, the blanket and start to prepare the food. Heat the barbeque grill good.

"What can we eat on a beach in Malaysia?"

Usually I prefer to bring along cook rice from home, together with a can of curry and  prepare fresh barbeque on the beach.

I love to barbeque sausages, shrimps, crab sticks, and chicken.

I could not describe the smell of the barbeque, but believe me it taste better with a nice beach view, nice environment and an early bath at the beach.....

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