Thai Food in Malaysia

By Malaysia travel book - 09:46

After trying for the first time the Thai Food here in Malaysia, i was very surprised of the taste....just by looking at it the first time made me sweat scared because of the spices & hot, after few attempts discovered that i am in love with Thai Food.

Especially because of the '4 in 1 taste': sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.

In Malaysia every where you can find the popular restaurants "Tom Yam Sea Foods", which normally offer the combination of the Malay and Thai cuisine, you will find authentic Thai recipes such as: Tom Yam, Masam manis Curry, Steam Fish.

At the beaches area, there are plenty of "Sea Food`s restaurants". From my experience whenever I have no idea what to eat, Tomyam restaurants would be the first thing that came to mind.

As a dessert, try a Thai dish of finely chopped lime, ginger, onion, toasted coconut,chili and peanuts. Spread some of the sweet chill sauce on the fresh leaves, add a small amount from each dish, fold the leaf and eat. 

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