A housewife challenge plan for family weight loss & self-esteem improvement - 14 DAYS CHALLENGE

By Malaysia travel book - 03:34

Finally my first e-book, ready for purchase on Google Play or Google Books.

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This e-book is written for those who wish to gradually change their overall look, improve their self-esteem and to start a healthy diet in their daily intakes.

In this e-book, I have provided, based on my experience, suggestions for dinner recipes that we used during our 14 days challenge and try outs. All recipes are mostly Asian and includes ingredients and the method of cooking.

With this 14 days plan for my family, I had targeted and hope for a positive turn, instill healthy eating habits and a good impact on my family members as well as yours too. You should take this challenge to change yourself and your family’s physical outlook, hopefully in a positive way.

Thank you to all who support me in buying this e-book, and thank you to all who contributed to this e-book.

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